Getting Started

I know for most of you the idea of me having a tryst with programming is laughable, to say the least. Even for me, a bit.
I am not a very good coder, but I know one thing for sure about myself, that I’m a fast learner. I’m always curious. I adapt. I persevere. And when I do become comfortable with something, then I start kicking ass!

I have created this blog with the intention of documenting whatever little pieces of coding and programming I learn. This shall be like my diary entry, only for technical stuff though. I will try and update it regularly. I will try and keep a log of all things related to Computer Science that I have learnt or will learn as I go about programming and enhancing my coding skills in the future.

I don’t have any specific end result or goal set in my mind with this blog. I could look back upon this blog someday and think about how I used to be at this age, maybe even chuckle to myself. I am not sure as to why you should be interested in reading my blog, you could be a friend interested in programming, an employer or just a curious person who wants to know how it feels like coding from scratch (well, almost like scratch!). Whoever you might be, I thank you for taking out time to read my blog and I apologize for any glaring errors I commit here. It would be a big help if you bring it to my notice.
Last but not the least, I’ll be extremely grateful to hear from you if you learnt something out of this effort of mine. If you feel that you have a more optimum approach than mine on a particular thing, then you are most welcome to start a discussion about it. My main aim out of everything I do in life is learning, and I welcome all avenues of learning with an open mind.

Thank You for your patience.



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