Progress on Learning Python

As of this moment I have completed 38 exercises of Learn Python the Hard Way and there’s only a little more to go.
I hope I’m able to complete it in the next 2 days.

Now I have learnt and implemented most basics in Python and have successfully hacked around in Python for a lot of hours. I can start building small programs and self-projects in python.

Since the last time I learnt  the implementation of if-elif-else and looping through if and while loops. I also used more and more of functions in my code, and also learnt a lot of new functions which are incredibly easy to implement. This is what makes Python a beautiful language! And the more I learn things about Python, the more comfortable I feel with it.

Next I have to learn about python dictionaries and object oriented programming in python. Since I have a fair bit of background in programming, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for me to grasp the implementation in python.

Also, I pushed all my updates, modifications and new files made onto github. I also found a site called  which introduced a really interesting way for us to learn python. You should try it.

Hope to form a firm grip on python programming concepts by the next week.

– jigsaw


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