Events of June 1-4

I think the events of June 1-4 are important to mention in this blog because they were what you could call a minor setback in my tryst with programming. Well, there’s no romance without a little bit of war! So I had my little war on these 4 days of the beginning of my two most important months of engineering.

First things first, I apologize for my absence and writing after a month. I had my exams and then Dad’s surgery, together kept me away from programming the whole of May. But it would be wrong to say that I didn’t learn anything from the experience.

So here goes.

I joined a company in Noida for my internship after weeks of interviews, deliberations and mental sparring. I was prepped and ready to work on Machine Learning algorithms over the summer, code furiously oin Python and clear a few bases in the field of Data Science. But the startup I joined didn’t turn out to be anything I expected.
First of all, it was in Noida, and I had to undertake a journey of 1.5 hours in the metro and thereafter the cab to get to the place.

And secondly, which is the more important reason for me leaving the internship I had been looking forward to for the whole of May, after a mere two days, was the nature of work there. I couldn’t just begin to understand what their produdct exactly was, and what i’m expected to do as a Data Analyst intern there. There was practically no guidance and the only ‘mentor’ I had was this fellow intern who had himself only arrived a week back.
In an nutshell, the firm was just uninspiring. I’m a kind of a person who can be propelled to achieve great feats if motivated and inspired properly. Granted, I had JUST spent two days there and I couldn’t have possibly understood the working of the company in the little time, but they just didn’t feel right intuitively. I had somehow undergone inception that even if I spend the whole of my two months here, I won’t get to learn shit. I would just be another person (I wouldn’t call myself a programmer) who was slogging his time to get a certificate, dying a slow death by boredom. I also felt a little unfair that the other interns were being paid a stipend and I wasn’t, just because I had applied off campus. It felt like even the employees there had no clue about what was going on with the firm, although I admit that’s a very harsh and rash conclusion to come up with. But that’s how it felt, I don’t give a shit about un-professionalism.

You could say I took an impulsive decision, but the workplace I’m at now, its only my second day here and I can feel that I’ll get to learn a lot here. I’ll grow both as a programmer and as person. And I like the people here.
So basically I ended up calling their HR by the end of the second day and told her of my decision of not coming from tomorrow. What followed was a heated exchange of words, me being reminded over and over again how un-professional I was (God I had this word!) to be doing such a thing and that I’m disrespecting the organisation and a lot of other bullshit.

I was also struggling a bit to express the exact reasons for my impulsive decision, because certain things weren’t to be said directly to the HR on her face.
My thoughts go back to Andrew Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model. The model defines self-actualization as the most vital need of a human being. I think the bottom line is that the firm couldn’t instill in me that feeling of self-actualization.

Anyway, that’s all in the past now.

On June 3rd I was in the hospital all day, as Dad was being discharged.

On 4th I decided to join another company I had been selected as an intern at. So today I’m sitting in the Office of Truly Madly, which is growing as India’s best online dating portal and I’m happy to be a part of their team. I would to explicitly say that even though I still have to travel 1.5 hours to travel to Saket and I’m not being paid any stipend, I still feel I’ll get to learn loads from the people and the work here. I feel my time here is helping me feel self-actualized.

I was allocated work on the first day, and I’d say its fairly exciting. I’ll be working on image recognition and face recognition-matching algorithms, about which I’d like to blog in a separate post so I can document my progress here.

I feel that I took the right decisions in the past few days. And I really hope my summer turns out to be worth it. There’s a lot coming up at me, and I’ve put a lot on the line.

So i’d better get back to work.



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