Abrupt end for Internship Project

This post is a dismal one. I am not happy.

After working on the image detection project for about a month, few days back I suddenly learnt that our Director of Engineering had decided that SkyBiometry is not giving good enough results, and Project Oxford would proove to be better. No idea how and when this happened. I was the one testing SkyBiometry, and it was a giving acceptable results.

Earlier we had rejected Project Oxford, because I thought that it doesn’t provide the feature to train a set of images and check for the verification of that image among that set. But closer scrutiny reveals that it does. It also provides a nudity detection feature which we had earlier not noticed. SkyBiometry had no real cons except for this thing maybe. But the fact remains that Project oxford is still in beta phase. The documentation and pricing isn’t set. I still remember, my mentor there discarded Project Oxford in a hurry for SkyBiometry, when we were first discussing among each other while pinpointing the best API for the system.
Anyway, that is what the decision was, that we won’t be continuing with SkyBiometry now.

I went to the office 3 days later (I was on a work from home for a period of 2 weeks, because of some Visa issues) to see what will be done next, prepped and ready on a few things regarding the use of Project Oxford and was told by my mentor that image detection is too big a project for me, and is unsuitable taking into account the internship duration I have left with me. They also reassigned the PHP guy who was working with me. Then why did they give me that project in the first place? Had I not applied for a data scientist role upon joining? I feel like I shouldn’t have accepted the image detection project in the first place, and should’ve asked for something related to Data Science, probably their recommender system.
They are saying that they might reassign me to work on something else, which can be done in a 2-3 week duration. I still haven’t heard from them though. I do wish I at least get a certificate for my internship work here, so that I have no problem with my college credits.

Well, startups. It was always a gamble with a startup. Too bad that the gamble didn’t turn out to very good for me, and I couldn’t make my summer actually productive like I had decided I would.
But I did really learn a lot. Though this was like another bump in my tryst with programming, it still taught me a lot about startup cultures, coding atmosphere, opportunities and difficulties I might face in the industry in a few years later on. It also taught me how different is every one’s job role in a company, from what we are taught in college, or are even tested for in placement interviews. It helped me understand how tech startups in India work. I feel like what they focus on is rarely strong backend engineering, and largely marketing and other promotional activity.
The hectic nature of a job taught me how a 9 to 9 work commitment eats up all the time one can utilise for his personal development and learning. I don’t wish to stagnate learning in life. Let’s see where future takes me next.

Thanks for reading through this post which wasn’t really anything technical.



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