Placement musings #2; Placed at Grofers

I got placed at Grofers for the role of a Software Engineer a week back on 25th August. I’m happy to see some result of my hard work after a month of hard toil. Got the offer letter yesterday.
The placement season was driving me crazy, so I’m glad to be placed at some place finally.

Grofers is just a startup right now, but they are paying pretty decent. Their tech also seems good, although I don’t have much idea about that. I’m sure there will be a lot of learning opportunities at Grofers for a fresher like me.

The interview process was hard and gruelling to say the least. They asked me a lot of design questions, which I had to think about from scratch. I wasn’t really expecting to be selected as the only person out of the 4. The others were pretty strong candidates in my opinion. But i guess they liked my guts in the interviews. I probably used up all the brains i had in me during the design round.

It’s good to get a decent job offer early in your final year, leave a lot of time to focus on projects and self learning throughout the year. But, since I started coding, I have found my interest in it. I have discovered an interest in doing competitive programming and solving new and challenging problems. My hunger of solving programming problems is insatiable now. I hope that this hunger and zeal doesn’t die.

I feel motivated to code more and more, and crack an even better company now. I don’t want to slack off. Even though I feel a bit of complacency in my attitude, but I have the support of a few friends who are also coding daily.

I have made good progress on hackerrank and codeforces, and hope to keep that up in the coming months. Also I do feel like i’m not that good right now. I get afraid of a problem pretty easily (not always), and am not able to do simple Div. 2 A and B level problems sometimes. I really want to make it to Div. 1 one day.

I just want to learn more and more. I also feel the need to have a good mentor to guide, the lack of which i feel in my approach sometimes.

I need to tackle graph problems. I’m afraid of them right now. I believe that once I have solved about 200-300 problems, I will have become a decent coder and will be able to apply for off campus placements at good tech companies.

My tryst with programming seems to be blossoming at the moment, months after it’s seeds were sown.



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