ICPC 2015 Amritapuri Online Round| Failed

I have been practicing competitive programming a lot since a past few months, and had been improving a lot lately. Hence, I was really looking forward to this year’s ICPC along with my team, which took place today, a few hours ago.

But sadly, we couldn’t do good enough to qualify. We could do only do 2 out of the 5 questions, and we couldn’t do the 3rd one no matter how hard we tried. I suddenly don’t know what to do tonight, and therefore am visiting this blog after months. I really prepared hard for this. I practiced a lot of Graph and Dynamic Programming (DP) questions from Codeforces and I was confident that i’ll crack it this year. But alas, when have things gone as planned for me! Even though this is a setback, and I feel mildly depressed, but i don’t want to stop coding. I don’t want to turn complacent. I want to work harder, code more, to crack some good companies in my 8th semester.

As of now, I have done around 170-180 problems on Codeforces, which are mostly A and B problems from the a20j ladder, but at least I don’t mess up the easy problems now. And I am getting better at C level probelems too. In the coming week (which is leading to APAC Round C), I want to focus on more graph algorithms like Dijkastra, Floyd Warshall etc., and try and complete as many problems of the B ladder I can.

Becoming a good competitive programmer is a slow process and often takes years. I need to be patient with myself. But, I also need to grow every day, bit by bit.
Even though my team couldn’t do well today in ICPC Amritapuri Regionals, I want to take this as a learning step. And hopefully i’ll get as good as the Div.1 coders some day.

P.S: There’s still the Chennai Online Round to look forward too. Even though chances for that are extremely dim, but I’m not losing hope.



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