Learning Flask microframework in Python

I really wanted to learn to create websites and web applications. I have some basic knowledge of HTML only. Most websites are made using PHP and javascript as their backend, but I felt too complacent to learn this stuff (was also short of time). So I started learning how to make web apps using python web frameworks first.
I was initially looking towards learning Django, but found that Flask would be easiler to learn, understand and implement quickly.


To start with the Flask microframework I installed all the dependencies and started learning through Miguel Grinberg’s blog.

This will help me learn the basics of flask by making a simple microblog first, and help me implement the various ideas I have in my mind for creating web apps.

We will be using sqlite as our database for database functions which is included in the sql-alchemy library. We’ll also need sql-alchemy-migrate for migration of our database. We will use OpenID for authentication of user login, and WTForms to take various kinds of inputs from users.

Up till now, I have completed around 7 steps of the tutorial (took me 2 days) and have learnt how to use HTML templates in flask, generate and update web forms and databases, make different pages, redirecting users to pages, and following other users. An avatar (using gravatar) can also be added as the profile picture by a user. I still haven’t understood exactly how was unit testing being done in the tutorial, which i’ll go over again.

I will push the code i’ve written to github soon (mostly copied but includes lot of explanatory comments for my understanding). I am also looking to add some CSS to this project of mine to make it look more appealing to a user. Hopefully, by the end of this megatutorial, I will have understood how to go about creating web apps with flask. I’ll keep updating new progress here from time to time.



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