A little bit about Me

Hi. I am Divyansh Agarwal, currently in my final year of Computer Science major, from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi University.

I am a learner by heart and my curiousity is what defines me the best. I am efficiency freak and believe in growing little by little every day as an individual and as a programmer. I am an ephermal bibliophile and reading is most cherished habit. I am passionate about sports, especially cricket.

Most importantly, I am passionate about solving world’s problems, and I believe that there’s no better tool than technology to accomplish that. So this is my blog where I plan to write down my adventures with programming and my experiences with learning new technologies. Writing this blog is giving me a lot of confidence and helping me grow as a programmer. Not all the things I document or write here will be self-created code, but my aim is to learn and climb the ladder slowly.

I undersign each post with my alias ‘jigsaw’. It’s a long story as to why I use this handle, but that’s me.

A positive attitude towards learning is the only thing that’ll take you places in this world.

Happy Browsing.


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