A little bit about me

Hi. I am Divyansh Agarwal, currently in my final year of Computer Science major, from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi University.

I am a learner by heart and my curiousity is what defines me the best. I am efficiency freak and believe in growing little by little every day as an individual and as a programmer. I am an ephermal bibliophile and reading is most cherished habit. I am passionate about sports, especially cricket. I also philosophise frequently, and am a good public speaker.

Most importantly, I am passionate about solving world’s problems, and I believe that there’s no better tool than technology to accomplish that. So this is my blog where I plan to write down my adventures with programming and my experiences with learning new technologies. Writing this blog is giving me a lot of confidence and helping me grow as a programmer. Not all the things I document or write here will be self-created code, but my aim is to learn and climb the ladder slowly.

C++, C ,Python and Java are the programming languages that I have worked with in the past. I am always open to learning new technologies and would like to believe that I’m a fast learner.

I am interested in various sub-fields of Computer Science like Competitive programming, Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Database Management Systems, etc. My research interests are in the field of Machine Learning, Data Mining and Information Retrieval and Algorithm Design. In future, I wish to venture into the interplay of Computer Science with other interests of mine like economics, neuroscience and psychology.

I undersign each post with my alias ‘jigsaw’. It’s a long story as to why I use this handle, but that’s me.

A positive attitude towards learning is the only thing that’ll take you places in this world.

Happy Browsing.


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